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Dry Bulk Shipping

Dry or general freight could be a cargo that is of solid, dry texture. It isn’t liquid or gas, and generally stays away from load requiring uncommon temperature controls. Dry cargo is delivered in normal ISO containers or ship’s holds. Southeast Movers services have been made to supply the protected and capable delivery . For a large portion of our customers, generally moving the world’s most normally traded wares, for example, paper, metals, gear, etc; regardless not all cargoes are very this direct. We realize how transport progressively complex cargoes, for example, food-grade, dangerous and uncommon/valuable items. Regardless of whether you send architect apparel or iron mineral, our cutting edge, well-kept up dry containers, or proper vessel to guarantee that your cargo arrives on time, and in perfect condition, that is about dry cargo.

Rare and valuable cargo

Southeast Movers give reliable upgrades and give all the much-required security for your product. Regardless of whether we are moving a remarkable or profitable thing or scrap metal, we treat all cargo with the most extraordinary consideration and thought since we get it that whatever the cargo is the thing, which matter to you. Uncommon and valuable cargo we get that moving phenomenal or profitable freight can be unsavory. After you work with Southeast Movers you’ll be ensured that your cargo is voyaging in secure hands.

Hazardous cargo

When moving a hazardous cargo, we take the total inventory network into idea. From exceptional getting ready to our drivers, to the wary masterminding of holder stowage on our vessels, we have developed our activities to limit the threats related with this kind of cargo.

Food-grade cargo

We can give a wide supply of reefer holders for sustenance things that require refrigeration or hardening in the midst of delivery. Every compartment is dehumidified, leaving you genuine feelings of serenity that we are capable pass on your load inside a similar condition it was gotten