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International Moving

Southeast movers, in 2003, with a group of Movers and Packers industry qualified experts decided to establish an International Moving company, with our extensive industry experience in International Relocations, and continued our professional journey during the last 16+ years, eventually enlisted us in the list of top 10 International Moving companies in Dubai. Our team is now trained with amazing professional skills, which will not compromise on any challenges for delivering the best service to our customers. We are conducting a program called “Moving for Good”, which is from UAE to rest of the world, where we assist hundreds of expat and resident individuals and families in Relocating to other countries. Our business relations are expanding day by day, by personalized customer relations, appropriate coordination with agents and our professional approach towards business. We are growing in a balanced and steady phase, as excelled in providing Packing, Shipping, Storage and Relocation services to local or international communities and companies in every corner of the globe. We always maintain the quality of a top level International Moving company, in order to provide the uncompromised services for the customers looking for International Relocation services, at any time.

Smaller Volume

Either you have a lesser volume of 2CBM or up to 12CBM, we provide you with an option of sharing the container which is called LCL service, in order to reduce the cost from UAE port to the port of your desired destination.

20FT / 40FT / 40FT HC Container

If your moving volume is more than 12 CBM and up to 28 CBM, then you may choose for 20Ft container. And if your shipment is exceeding 30 CBM and up to 55 CBM you have a choice of 40FT container, also similar High Cube containers can accommodate up to 65 CBM.

Pre-Move Survey

We always recommend a Pre-Move survey conduct by us, which is absolutely free of cost, on your convenient time, without any obligations. This survey helps you in planning a reasonable budget and expert advice about the goods which are supposed to be moved and which are to be kept behind.

Packing & Wrapping

Once the moving is confirmed, our expert packing team will come in the morning of the scheduled date, start packing the items one by one, ensure the safety of the goods, and prepare the packing list of the whole consignment.
Eventually, the packed goods are relocated to our loading facility for stuffing in the container. During the time of moving confirmation, we will schedule the nearest date of shipping and load your consignment from Dubai port, with all the documents which is been prepared by our dedicated team. For preparing the export declaration at Dubai Customs, you shall be provided us with the hard copy of your Passport with UAE visa page, address of the destination and Packing List. The Transit time varies in line with your port of destination whereas, we contracted with liners who provide us with minimum transit time to most of the destinations.

The ETA of your shipment will be informed by our destination agent, who will organize a pre-clearance and prepare all import documentation. Once the inspection and paper work is completed, our destination agent will transport the goods to the address specified by you. (if you have opted for the door to door service). After the shipment is offloaded, the destination agent will plan the unpacking of your major belongings like furniture or similar items, and simple fixing of the furniture and appliances. They will also assist you in removing the debris (available on special request and extra cost).