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Pet Relocation

We know, Pets are no way unimportant or animals to you, we treat them as your family members. If the time has come for you to leave the country, you will need to make provisions much ahead of your date of departure. At the time of relocation, it becomes really difficult for them to move their pet overseas. Pet parents opt for shipping of their dogs, cats, and various other pets at the time of relocation. It is one of the important services rendered by Southeast Movers and the pet is important to us like they are important to their parents.

Moving a pet is both overwhelming and time-consuming at the same time. Its a hassle if you are not familiar with the complex rules and regulations controlling the transportation of animals. The first thing you will need to check is if your pet is allowed to fly. Some breeds are restricted. Snub nosed dogs, such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, and cats, such as Persians, may be required various consents to fly on some airlines. This varies from airline to airline and weather conditions may factor, as some restrict travel only during the summer months. Once you confirm your pet can travel, you’ll need to check what the regulations for animal travel to your choosen destination are. Your pet will need to be microchipped and have an updated complete vaccination status. Ectoparasite treatment is also recommended. Some countries may need further blood tests to detect exposure to disease prior to relocation. Many countries still require quarantine upon arrival. It is also important to note that not every city in your destination country will have a quarantine facility, so you will need to decide which airport to fly into. Before your pet can fly, it is required to have an export certificate, which is valid for only short period. A special crate is required for your pet. IATA guidelines state your pet must be able to stand up, sit down, turn full circle and lie down confortably. The crate must also be secure. If you are unsure what size crate you require, you can always check with our professional. Before your pet fly, they will need to have a full health check to ensure they are fit to travel. If your pet is unwell, you may need to wait until your pet has recovered before it is permitted to fly. We at Southeast Movers, with the experience of 16+ years specializes in animal transportation with various modes applicable to the convenience of the customers. The peace of mind of our valued customers matter to us a lot and to minimize your discomfort and stress we work for pet relocating services which also proves to be smooth arrangements for your pet.

How We Do It

  • Relocating dogs and cats is a technical process in order to execute it swiftly. A special arrangement of animal freight and animal cargo is being done to make sure the safety of animals and their comforts at the time of the door to door relocations.
  • For the safe and smooth relocation of your pet, we at Southeast Movers keep ourselves up to date of the recent travel requirements and documentation for animal’s transportation.
  • We arrange all the necessary documentation which is required to be completed for the process of animal freight from start to finish.
  • The standard set of procedures and regulations are required at the time of relocation of a pet. We have experts for this work who take care of these formalities as we also attain national and international contacts for smooth completion of the process.
  • When the pet is required to be shifted overseas, various documentation and permits are being asked by the officers and we provide you every detail of it.
  • Southeast Movers excels in relocating the pet with the help of professionals all around the world at every step of the way.

For Swift Relocation :

  • We make sure to attain a certificate from veterinary officer which must be valid at the origin of the country.
  • A recent vaccine certification of rabies or any other disease must be there.
  • Shipper’s Passport

Why Trust Us :

  • With many years of experience, we are now connected with various national and international pet-related organizations, also we are now linked with airlines and professional agents of pet traveling which assist us in smooth relocation of the pet. We are now aware of the legal formalities, laws, and regulations which are required to be completed at the time of importing and exporting of the animals to and from every corner of the world.
  • We keep ourselves up-to-date on every slight change in documentation process or transportation changes in the industry.
  • We take the safety of the pet very seriously and attain a record of 100% safety.
  • We are also experienced in providing services to the brand new pet keepers who owns a pet via the internet or other adoption services.
  • As Southeast Movers are now professionals of this domain and attain a good experience in the same we make sure all the aspects of the relocation of the pet is covered, even the tiny details of it which people sometimes ignore, or don’t even know about.
  • We always keep you in the loop by providing you all the details of the flight and preparation done for them as we believe that you have the right to know everything about your family member.

Let’s get started

After getting connected to us, what you are supposed to do is get in touch with one of our specialist consultant who will give you all the details you are required to know about the relocation of your pet. We at Southeast Movers aims at providing the personalized services to every individual as everyone requires a personalized plan to satisfy its requirements which works best with you. We never give you any ambiguous answers and keep you updated with all the process we will acquire while relocating the pet.

After knowing your requirements, we will provide you an estimation of the services which will be suitable to you and for the comfort of your pet. This estimation will lead us in breaking down of the services and deciding the procedure to be conducted specially designed for you, and you will be able to agree on the proposal before you hire us for the relocation.Once we are done with the confirmation from your side we will start scheduling the relocating process of the pet. Our services will finish only after getting a confirmation that the pet is reached safely to the owner or the desired new home.